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Fly for Fun

Get Your Tailwheel Endorsement

The Ultimate Fun

By earning the Tailwheel endorsement, you will learn how to operate aircraft that have conventional style landing gear or what we commonly call “taildragger” or “tailwheel”. You will broaden your ability to fly and aircraft selections when you receive the tailwheel endorsement.

Add another skill to your craft

Flying a tailwheel plane can be more challenging than your standard tricycle-geared aircraft. However, it will make you become a better pilot when you earn the Tailwheel Endorsement.

How Long Will It Take?

There is no FAA minimum of hours to receive your Tailwheel Endorsement. Typically, students range from 10–15 hours of flight training before they can receive the endorsement.

What Will I Fly?

Students will be trained in a very well-maintained Citabria. Students will learn to master conventional gear aircraft, develop their rudder skills to the next level to precisely coordinated flight, and strengthen their awareness ability to evaluate how the wind can affect the aircraft flight.