About Elite

Elite Flight Academy is a professional and distinguished flight school located at the Davidson County Airport. The Academy is well seasoned to train people on how to fly different types of aircrafts for both vocational and recreational purposes. We are committed to offering the best quality of service and safe flight training. In addition, the excellence of our aircraft fleet drives our flight school to enviable heights. Students will able to be trained in an aircraft that meets the FAA requirements for Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). Our growing fleet includes a brand new Piper Pilot 100i that is equipped with Garmin’s latest avionics. The Piper Pilot makes the perfect training aircraft as it is built to be safe and reliable. At Elite Flight Academy, you will experience a whole different altitude of flight training as we put our students’ safety first.

Students are our primary focus at Elite Flight Academy. We are dedicated to establishing meaningful and foundational business relationships with our students as we facilitate the achievement of their aviation goals. Every flight course and training is flexible based on your schedule, pace and budget. Our FAA-certified instructors will ensure you have the optimum flight training experience tailored to your design.

Elite Flight Academy is more than just a flight school. We are a growing community looking to connect and engage with aviation enthusiasts, experienced and novice pilots, and potential aviators. Social connections are vital to our culture. Elite Flight Academy hosts monthly informal social gatherings to establish new bonds and build valuable relationships all the while sharing knowledge and support within the aviation community.