Instrument Rating

About the Course

Elite Flight Academy utilizes an FAA-approved Redbird LD Flight Simulator as part of the Instrument Rating course. By training with the simulator, students can learn the instrument procedures and practice instrument approaches repetitively to increase their proficiency before flying in the aircraft. In different flight scenarios or even emergency situations, the simulator can train students to be well prepared to handle those incidents. The simulator training also provides the student with a much more cost-effective way to obtain Instrument Rating.

Make every mission possible even on cloudy days when you earn an Instrument Rating with Elite Flight Academy. Let us help you reach your destination and become a better pilot.

Our Equipment

Our technically advanced airplane is equipped with the latest Garmin G3X, G5 Standby, GNX 375 GPS, and GFC 500 Autopilot which allows students to shoot approaches during flight training in safer and more reliable equipment

Course Overview

  • Up to 25 hours of Flight Training
  • 10 hours of instrument time
  • Unlimited one on one ground training with an Instructor
  • Unlimited Simulator Training with Instructor 
  • All Study Materials Included

*additional hours billed at normal hourly rate.

Other flight training alternatives:

    • Pay as you go
    • Pre-paid
  • Be a private pilot
  • Receive and log a minimum of 50 hours of PIC Cross-Country
  • Receive and log a minimum of 40 hours of Instrument training
  • Pass an FAA Written Knowledge Test
  • Pass the Checkride – practical test which consists of both an oral and flight examination
  • Prerequisites: 40 hours PIC Cross-Country time, 3rd class medical certificate