Commercial Pilot
License Course

About the Course

Land into your next career by getting your Commercial Pilot License with Elite Flight Academy. In this course, students will learn new maneuvers and techniques, polish the existing maneuvers you know, and discover more about your aviation career. Elite Flight Academy values safety and professionalism. Our students will be trained in our brand-new plane that meets the FAA requirements for Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). Our instructors are highly qualified with numerous experiences in different types of aircraft. You will be taught by a team of instructors that are not just excellent teachers, but they are also very passionate about aviation and love what they are doing. You will have hands-on experience on what it’s like being a professional pilot here with Elite Flight Academy.

As part of the Commercial Pilot License course, students will be training in the state-of-the-art, Redbird LD Flight Simulator. The simulator is a cost-effective way for students to log up to 50 hours out of the 250 hours that are required for the Commercial Pilot License. Training with the simulators also provides other benefits such as flying in different flight scenarios that may not be possible to perform in the sky and also practicing maneuvers on the ground to increase proficiency before flying the airplane.

Did You Know About These Career Opportunities?

Some career opportunities are banner towing, aerial photography, scenic flight, corporate jets, and agricultural applications.

Commercial Pilot License does not allow you to become an airline pilot. For a pilot that has a career goal of becoming an airline pilot, you will need an Airline Transport Certificate (ATP), which is a requirement for most airlines.

Course Overview

  • Up to 25 hours of flight training
  • Unlimited ground training
  • Unlimited simulator training
  • All Study Materials Included*additional hours will be billed at normal hourly rate

    Other flight training alternatives:

    • Pay as you go
    • Pre-paid time
  • Be a private pilot
  • Receive and log a minimum of 250 hours of total time
  • Receive and log a minimum of 100 hours of PIC time
  • Receive and log a minimum of 50 hours of PIC Cross-Country
  • Pass an FAA Written Knowledge Test
  • Pass the Checkride – practical test which consists of both an oral and flight examination
  • Prerequisites: A minimum of 230 hours of flight time, at least a 3rd class medical certificate